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Snow in Skopelos – The Perfect Storm

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Snow in Skopelos

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Does it Snow in Skopelos?

By the beginning of January, the weather usually shows the first signs of a storm approaching.

We are all accustomed to rainstorms, strong winds and rough seas in Skopelos during the winter. Occasionally, (every other year or so), we may get a little snow in higher altitudes like in mount Delfi, where Skopelos Country Villas are located.

What followed after the first few days of this ominous looking storm, however, was definitely unprecedented. At least for the last 60 years.

The next 10-12 days that followed were as much of a surprise for us here, as I am sure for you reading this.

Snow in Skopelos
Snow-covered Skopelos – all the way to the sea.

While you may have a certain notion of the Greek Isles in your mind, (like warm weather, sunny days, beach, summer, deep blue seas), the snowstorm in Skopelos surely is not one of them.

People were stranded in several rural areas for days at a time without water or much food. They had to actually be rescued and lifted in the air by Super Puma, Rescue Helicopters.

In other areas, the electricity went out for at least 2-3 days and the water also followed! Improvisation played a key role in survival during those days, (like melting the snow to get some water).

The Greek islands are not really organised for such snowstorms. There is not much infrastructure to face a storm of this size.

It took them days to even get bulldozers and graders to approach and clear out major roads so that people could just walk on, let alone drive!

Did this Snow fall create havoc in Skopelos?

This kind of heavy snowfall was more destructive for nature than beneficial.

Many pine trees collapsed and fell in the middle of roads from masses of snow piled on their branches. Many more trees just burned and instantly froze from the sudden temperature drops.

Flowers, well poor flowers. There is no flower left alive!

Luckily and despite the 2 meters of snow, (yes this is true in certain areas), we did not have much damage done in Skopelos Country Villas. All of our beautiful flowers are dead – but nothing that is not repairable.


The Benefits of the Snowfall

Let’s be fair – with so much snow across the entire island, it did wonders for the natural water reservoirs of Skopelos. 

Streams of pure water were flowing everywhere. Even inside the town and down the cobblestone streets. 

Our green island will remain very green for the next few years at least. 


Did the municipality learn its lesson?

Will they be better equipped for another snowstorm maybe next year?

We just have to wait and see. Hopefully, the size of the snow that fell during those days will not be repeated for many years to come, (hopefully another 60 years or so).

Does it Snow in Skopelos
Some of the more prominent 'White on Blue' pics gathered. Skopelos is equally stunning covered in Snow.

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