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The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary for Skopelos Island

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The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Why Have an Itinerary for Skopelos Island anyway?

Like most people, when booking a holiday for a Greek island you don’t have a specific itinerary in mind. It’s only Skopelos – a small dot in the Aegean Sea and you’ll manage just fine without one.

You’d be surprised to know that more than half of our visitors will end-up having a week’s holiday, (or even more), without any plan at all. As a result, at the end of their break, they will have missed visiting many attractions and beautiful sights Skopelos Island has to offer. 

You don’t want to reach Day 5 of your 7-day holiday and all you’ve seen is just 2 beaches and the beautiful view of our properties. 

Now, more than ever, it’s really important to change the travel habits of our past – LINK TO LATEST COVID TRAVEL-. We need to emerge more into the local culture, see more of what Skopelos Island has to offer. 

Having a Guide written by a local will help you decide what to see and do while here. It will be your starting point for your wandering adventures. It will make it much easier to have Skopelos Country Villas act as the starting point for each place suggested in this Itinerary.

It’s helpful having a plan, even if you end up doing some of the activities listed here. 

If you’re reading this and you still haven’t booked your holiday break with us, you can Forget Everything you Know about renting Skopelos Villas and see how you can save money when booking accommodation.

Day 1 - Arriving in Skopelos Island

Consider this day as the ‘Boot Camp’ for Skopelos.

Arrival at Skopelos port.

You will be met by me here, (unless otherwise informed). Your car hire has been organised to be picked up either at the port or the office.

Your first glimpse of Skopelos town towering over the port will enhance your notion of a Greek island.

Beautifully arranged and amphitheatrically built, full of white-washed houses with red-tiled roofs.

Mount Palouki, (the 2nd highest on Skopelos Island), covered with a thick coat of various shades of green, warmly welcomes you.

Becoming acquainted with the roads - not as hard as you'd think

Just follow my car as we slowly make our way to Skopelos Country Villas.

We drive around the outskirts of town, by following its ring road as we ascend to the top of Skopelos. Yes, traffic may seem a little weird and less organised than usual, but consider it as part of your ‘immersion experience’. We soon drive off this road by taking the quieter, country roads.

This is the part you find hard to believe! Even in the heart of the summer, Skopelos remains the greenest island in the whole area. Your brain plays tricks with your conscious self, making you forget you’re on a Greek island.

After a short, 15-minute drive, we arrive at your villa. The ‘WOW’ factor of the views unfolding before your eyes immediately remind you of the exact reasons you chose this place.

Your first day is a great chance to get your bearings in Skopelos town. The port area is your first contact. It is full of charming waterside cafes, tavernas and shops.

A great chance to unwind and have something to eat.

If you find that you have some left-over energy after your meal, this is your chance to utilise it. Walk around the waterfront area, discover some of the hundreds of small streets and alleys.

It will be a very inspiring ending to a full day!

Day 2 - Exploring the West Coast of Skopelos Island

Wake up! It’s a glorious day out there and a perfect opportunity to catch that early morning light!

The glorious sunrise awaits you! Seriously, you really need to make an effort to see at least one sunrise from here. It is the perfect spot for ‘Sunrise Watching’.

The energy around you is incredible at that time of the morning!

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island
The Energy of the Sun rising around is incredible this time of the morning.

Time for some strong coffee and a good breakfast too! Are you brave enough for an early morning pool dip? This will surely awaken you.

Today, you will be driving to the west coast of Skopelos. It’s time for your first swim in the deep blue of the Aegean Sea.

The west side of the island has some of the most magnificent beaches of Skopelos.

Get your cameras ready as you will take one of the most breathtaking drives.

The Delfi Mountain-Scenic Route of Skopelos offers many stopover points. You ought to get out of your car and take in all the vista views of the coastline below you. Mount Delfi, is the highest point of Skopelos Island, (685 m) and is totally covered by tall Pine trees.

This thick pine forest has greeted thousands of visitors like you as they drive down towards the small, sleepy town of Elios.

This Route will become your All-time favourite

A winding road I never grow bored of driving. A thrilling ride that will manage to spell-bind you with its majestic views.

At the end of this route, you will reach a small junction. A right turn will lead you to Elios town.

This sleepy seaside town is home to one of the Top Skopelos Beaches and a few seafood tavernas.

If you take a left from this junction, you’ll be heading towards Kastani Beach, (aka Mamma Mia Beach).

It’s up to you to decide whether you indulge yourselves with this popular Mamma Mia beach today or continue around the bay.

Milia Beach is just around the bay. This is one of my very favourites and the longest stretch of beach Skopelos has to offer.

Be proud of your achievement for the day!

You saw a good part of the mountains and part of the magnificent west. Let’s head back to Skopelos Country Villas by driving back up through the Scenic Route.

Time to relax by the pool and catch the last reflections of the sunset light bouncing off the mountains to the east!

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island
Driving down Scenic Route - Mt. Palouki with panoramic views.

Day 3 - Getting lost in Skopelos Town

The best way to explore the town is to wander through its maze of alleys and cobblestone streets.

You can’t claim that you’ve seen Skopelos town unless you get lost at least twice.

My recommendation is to drive to the port parking area to leave your car there.

Walk all around the waterfront area and head to the old port.

There is a ‘Sailor’s Monument’ there, and shortly after, you will see the picturesque church of ‘Panagia tou Pirgou’. You can’t miss this church as it has been a proud landmark of Skopelos Island for many decades.

This is where your 'Skopelos Island - Cross-Fit' session begins.

You need to wear some comfortable shoes, (preferably trainers), as there is nothing else on this route other than steps.

It is well worth your energy, however, as you will be rewarded with some great views from the historic edge of Skopelos town.

There are 5 chapels along this ascending road, each with its own history through the Greek ‘Dark Ages of the Ottoman rule’.

As you make your way up, you will also pass a very chilled-out Cafe called ‘Thalassa”. It rests on the first of 2 squares you’ll walk through and borders one of the oldest churches, “Evangelistria”.

The views towards the endless blue sea are heart-stirring. The owners are a bit quirky, but the views and music alone more than make up for this.

The very next square, (after climbing another endless array of steps), rewards you with one of the very best views Skopelos town has to offer.

Taking the time to notice the scenery

Make sure you give yourselves the time to absorb the scenery around you.

You won’t find this panoramic view anywhere else! It is also one of my favourite hang out spots since I was actually born in this neighbourhood.

We still live here, and I use it as my ‘serenity’ place.

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island - Views from Old Town - Kastro
Beautiful Views from old town of Skopelos - Kastro - Castle

You will also see the last church along this route.

The church of ‘Agios Athanasios’ is probably one of the 2 oldest churches on the island. If the doors are open while you’re there, make sure you go inside.

The remaining frescoes decorating its stone walls date back to approx. 14th century.

This is the east side of ‘Kastro’, (the Castle), and its remnants still stand guard to the vast Aegean Sea that unfolds before them.

Walk to the very top of Kastro where you will pass a taverna that occupies the north-east corner.

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island - Kastro walls
The Cyclopian boulders of Kastro - South-East side.
Your descent into Skopelos town

As soon as you walk through this place, you will notice wooden railings at the top and cobblestone steps going down.

This is the best part of Kastro. Its walls have been preserved through the centuries, all the way to the foundation.

You can touch the ‘Cyclopian’ boulders that were used to fortify this residential area and get glimpses of its glorious past.

Any road you follow from this point will eventually lead you back down to the port.

Meanwhile, get ready to discover the small streets and traditional architecture of Skopelos town.

Bonus Tip - Do you still have some left-over energy?

It will be an even more rewarding day if you can manage a drive up to the monasteries.

If you follow the road that takes you around Skopelos bay, it will take you approximately 15-20 minutes to reach the very top.

Just follow the signs pointing towards ‘Moni Evangelismou’ and ‘Moni Prodromou, (the furthers on this group of monasteries).

Start driving uphill, conquering Mount Palouki.

There are at least 2 stopover points halfway where you need to step out of your car and take some spectacular photos.

It is mostly an asphalted road all the way to the top of the mountain.

The architecture of the monasteries varies and is very interesting to see.

The views from 570 meters towards  Skopelos bay below you will remain embedded in your memories for many months to come.

Day 4 - Reaching the north-east corner of Skopelos Island

A day of adventure begins!

This is the day where you will realise that Skopelos Island is not just a tiny island. It will take most of your day, so take all your swimming gear with you and plenty of water.

You will be driving on what seems to be an endless road to reach the ‘Mamma Mia Chapel of ‘Agios Ioannis’.

This is where a 4x4 would've come in handy

You can take the more adventurous route and follow the unsurfaced road of the east coast, (if you have a 4×4), or follow the Scenic Route mentioned earlier.

If you follow the east coast route you can witness one of the most rugged but magnificent coasts that Skopelos Island has to offer.

Wild, sea-beaten, vegetation lives side-by-side with untouched Pine forests. The rugged cliffs scattered all along, seem to be the only sentinels of this virgin landscape.

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island - Driving along the East coast
The Chapel of Agios Ioannis can be seen in the distance (upper left). The sea-beaten cliffs surrounding this virgin area are the only sentinels of this landscape.

As you reach the end of this road on the north side, (shaped like a bottleneck on the map),  you can glimpse both the east and west sides of the island.

You’re now very close to the Mamma Mia Rock.

After a brief descend off this route, you’ll be driving on the main, coastal road towards Glossa.

Look for the sign on the right of this road, pointing you down to the chapel of Agios Ioannis.

Visiting this place and making an effort to drive here is a MUST.

Aside from the ‘Mamma Mia’ madness, this was always a special place. A sight that only a few more savvy travellers would know about.

It is not a place for those with a fear of heights. But don’t let this stop you. If you really can’t stomach ascending the Rock, stay around its base.

You can still take many mesmerising pictures and enjoy a great swim and snorkelling in the small 2 coves there that are some of the most secluded beaches of Skopelos.

Energy Bonus - Why not visit Glossa?

It is the 2nd largest village of Skopelos Island after all. Giving it a miss would be a pity.

Glossa is perched on the highest hills, north-west of Skopelos. This naturally means that it is ‘exposed’ to some of the most mesmerising sunsets this island has to offer.

You're so close to Glossa village from this point

It’s only a few hundred meters after the Mamma Mia Chapel. Just take a right turn at the junction of the main road.

You can try parking on the small lot behind the first, big church you will encounter as you drive through.

It feels like time has stood still for this place. This feeling is the same every single time I visit my 3 good friends that own ‘Monogramma Bar’.

Walking on the cobblestone streets and through the many hills Glossa is built upon, is pure joy.

There is a strong feeling of nostalgia from bygone eras swivelling in the air.
A certain curiosity towards visitors is everywhere you walk around Glossa. This sense emanates from the enchanting courtyards where the locals rest and sip their coffee.

This is where I go every time I get the feeling of wanting to get away from it all. Be a near-stranger among strangers.

Have a drink or two at my favourite Monogramma Bar and re-calibrate my life.

Day 5 - Conquering the mountains and diving to the seas of Skopelos Island

You happen to be in one of the most lovely areas of Skopelos.

It is a privilege to be able to experience both the deep blue seas and the lush forests of this island.

This is why our location makes it to the Top 5 reasons to choose our Villas vs a Hotel for your holiday.

You’re very close to Skopelos Town, (7.5km), and in the valley of Mount Delfi. Home to one of the best attractions the area has to offer, the Mystic Sendoukia graves.

A set of 3 Neolithic sarcophagi, dating back to at least 5th century BC. The sense of mysticism covers the entire slope of this place, and the good vibes can be felt no matter what time of day you go there.

The rewards of an early morning start
The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary for Skopelos Island - Sendoukia Tombs with Guests
Visiting Sendoukia Graves on a fine summer day and super guests.

Try and reach the top of this peak by  6 am even if you’re not an early riser.

It’s the time of day when most of the positive energy sips out of every pore of this granite surface covering this area.

Aside from the energy that will be powering the rest of your day, you can also catch the sun rising from behind Alonnisos and the deserted south-east islands.

It is moments like these that stay engraved in our memories.

Witnessing the sun emerging with its splendid hues of orange, red and yellow. Breathing the aromas of thyme and oregano that surround the small granite crevices all around us.

Capturing these scenes in our camera is not often easy, as you can’t really capture the accompanying senses that create this surreal scene. So I wouldn’t lose out on the few precious moments of the sun rising in order to capture the perfect scene.

Witness the sunrise and allow a few minutes of solitude to pay your respects towards the ‘unseen’ Gods of the past creating this magic.


Go West or East?

You will have about a 15-minute descent back to where you left your car to decide about your next steps.

From here, you can drive west over the mountain and visit Kastani Beach, Milia or the beautiful Panormos bay.

It is also a great chance to visit Glysteri beach-LINK. A beautiful bay protected from the north-east winds by a well-hidden cove. It’s also the closest beach to Skopelos Country Villas. 

Whichever way you decide to follow, it will be the perfect ending to a rejuvenating hike to the tombs of Sendoukia.

Day 6 - Exploring the South-West Corners of Skopelos Island

No visit to Skopelos would be complete without discovering the calm waters of the south-west.

Because of their closer proximity to Skopelos town, they tend to get a little busier during the high peak of the summer, (July and August). This shouldn’t stop you from exploring them, however.

Start driving down to Skopelos town and towards the port area. Instead of turning left to the port, continue driving straight at the last junction, (instead of turning left for the port).

There is a gas station in the corner of that junction too.

You’re now on your way towards Stafylos and Velanio Beach. The two beaches closest to Skopelos town. Just 4 km later on that same road, you will come upon the turning point where you head down left towards the parking area.

Do some walking for a stress-free experience during your holiday

I would advise you to park your car as high up on that small road as possible.

It’s only 500 meters from Stafylos beach, so it’s best to walk the rest of the way there.

You will thank me later when you see all the cars parked right and left along that road.

Enjoy the azure waters of Stafylos Beach and make sure you do some snorkelling along the beach.

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island-Stafylos and Velanio Beaches
Right: Stafylos Beach protected from this south-facing Bay - Left: Velanio Beach - can be reached by foot from Stafylos bay. The nudist part can be found by walking to the 2nd half of the beach.

Walk to the end of the beach where you will find the small path that leads to Velanio Beach.

Due to the lack of proper road and easy access, it’s always quieter here.

The 2nd half of that beach is a well-known nudist retreat too. No matter which half you decide to dry off your bodies on, Velanio Beach remains one of the most exquisite beaches Skopelos Island has to offer.

Heading off to Agnondas and Limnonari Beaches

Continue driving past the Stafylos, and just 2 km later, you’ll arrive at the small bay of Agnondas.


Known for its mesmerising sunsets, its idyllic landscape and the seafood tavernas.

There are 3 tavernas and a Cafe here offering the perfect setting for the ultimate Greek holiday memorable experience.

You can indulge in some great seafood, a dive in the green-blue waters, and watch the sunset.

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary for Skopelos Island-Bay of Agnondas
The Beautiful Bay of Agnondas with its turquoise waters and the seaside tavernas.

Limnonari beach offers a similar experience. The beach here is bigger than Agnondas.

The waters here, often resemble those of a lagoon, due to the cove that protects them from the very occasional south wind.

The taverna may not be as close to the water as in Agnondas, but it offers a very relaxed and laid back atmosphere. The tables are spread around within the boundaries of a private olive grove.

You will usually find some hammocks lazily swaying under the shade of an olive tree. Inviting you to be part of these ultimate, summer chill-out experiences.

Day 7 - Catching up on missed opportunities - Allowing time

Trying to fit everything within a week, can be stressful during your holiday. I’m only suggesting places I consider important for you to see while staying at Skopelos Country Villas.

This can be the day you can visit a beach or place you didn’t manage to fit in during your previous 6 days here.

If you managed to fit everything in and looking for something new to conquer, here are my next 2 tips:

Have you conquered the 'Top of the World' yet? Have you been to the highest peak of Skopelos Island?

The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island-Observatory Views
Above: Vista views to deserted islands - Below: Elios seaside town

It’s not the easiest to find so follow my instructions on ‘The Highest Peak of Skopelos and its Observatory’ and you’ll reach the top much faster.

It is a unique place. The kind that fulfils your sense of Achievement and leaves you with the most spectacular vista views. These pictures will occupy the best part of your cameras and your heart.

The best times to get there is either in the morning, (as early as you can), or just before sunset.

This way, you will allow for some time to have that last swim, or better yet, enjoy a Canoe paddling experience.

It is a great chance to paddle up to some otherwise, off-limit shores. Go through some beautiful rock tunnels and become one with the perfect-blue Aegean Sea.

Wrapping up the 'Perfect 7 Day Itinerary for Skopelos Island'

Deciding what to include or what to exclude from this short 7-day visit was not an easy task.

I tried to combine both spectacular beaches as well as mountains and other attractions.

The places listed here will provide you with different experiences and a more complete picture of what Skopelos Island has to offer.

Having you as our guests at Skopelos Country Villas means that your love for the outdoors is equal to that of being a beach lover.

In addition, the order of days and places to visit was no coincidence either. I tried to gradually introduce you to each place without having you ‘burn out’ early on in your week.

Are there more places to see in Skopelos?

There are more adventures to experience.

More shores to land on and hidden places to conquer.

But this is best left for a separate article geared towards a longer stay.

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