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Top 5 reasons to choose our Villas vs a Hotel for your holiday

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Your Top 5 Reasons to choose our Villas vs a Hotel

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Our Villas vs a Hotel - It used to be hard to decide

There has been such a dramatic increase in different types of holiday accommodation since the dawn of this century.

As a result, it has become so overwhelming deciding what to rent for your precious holiday.

 It is very important to realise how our choice of accommodation can completely change our holiday experience for the better or worse.

For most of us, the choice between renting a vacation home vs a hotel will largely depend on our budget.

Unfortunately, we always base our decision on what seems to be the cheaper alternative.

Staying in a hotel can sometimes appear to be more budget-friendly – but is this choice helping you save money?

1.The overall cost of our villas vs a hotel

Cost of staying in a hotel:

For a family of 4, hotel accommodation cost can quickly add up.

In most cases, your family would need 2 rooms for your holiday (children need their own space too). This will significantly increase the cost of a week’s vacation.

The average cost of one hotel room in mid to high season in Skopelos can vary between 60 to 90 euros. This translates to a nightly rate of 120 to 180 euros.

Cost of staying in our Villas:

Our villas can easily provide the space and comfort needed for you and your family.

In most cases, choosing to stay at Skopelos Country Villas, can be a more budget-friendly option than two rooms in a hotel.

Our nightly rate in high season is between 160 to 170 euros. Apart from great spaces and panoramic views you’ll also have your own private pool.

Are Hotels cheaper than Vacation Rental Homes when you add food cost?

Trying to budget for something as vital as food during your holiday can quickly become overwhelming.

We tend to spend more on food and drink when we are having a good time no matter how hard we try to stay within our pre-defined limits.

When staying in a hotel in Skopelos, you’ll need to go out to cafes and restaurants every day (no thankfully, there are no all-inclusive’s here yet).

For a family of 4, this will mean spending an average of 80 euros per day. This includes lunch and dinner, plus any other snacks in between.

The cost of food alone will cost a minimum of 560 euros for your week.

This is a big chunk out of your holiday budget and something that simply not be avoided.

How to Save massively on Food in our Villas vs a Hotel

A very easy way to cut this food cost by at least half is by staying in one of our villas.

You can cook your favourite meals in our fully equipped kitchen for at least half of the time you are here.

Stocking up for a week from the local supermarket for a family of four will cost you between 60-100 euros.

We’re not suggesting that you should stay in and cook every day. Visiting local restaurants and tasting the local cuisine is a big part of a memorable holiday experience.  

Instead, when you’re staying in one of our villas you have the choice to prepare your own meals for half of the time. This will reward you with savings that can contribute to other holiday experiences.

2. The Luxury of space in our Villas vs a Hotel

Hotel spaces are the complete opposite of our villas.

They are often crammed with other holidaymakers competing for a lounger by the pool or a decent bar stool for a drink at night.

They offer minimal privacy and can be very noisy. Most people will not have the same schedules or sleeping patterns as you.

Instead of having a relaxed holiday, you will end up going home more tired than when you started out.

Not to mention the extra worry of all Covid-19-related risks

When you rent one of our villas, you have a whole space to yourselves.

Fully equipped kitchen, T.V. centre, large bathrooms and two bedrooms. In addition, you will use the big outdoor areas where you can relax, having your breakfast or alfresco dining.

You can lounge by your own pool and have a cool, refreshing dip when you need to.

3. Quality time with friends and family

When you stay with us, you have the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and family.

You can cook together, drink your favourite wines and catch up on each other’s lives.

Enjoy your breakfast by the pool while having great debates, like which beach to visit for the day.

Our properties are perfect for friend reunions. You can each have your own villa while enjoying each other’s company and having your privacy at the same time. 

4. Stunning views from our villas vs a hotel

Let’s face it when you book a hotel room you’d be lucky to have a 1 x 1 m² balcony for your private use.

You would be even more privileged if you happen to have a view of some sort without paying extortionate amounts.

Your tiny balcony will most likely be adjacent to another room or exposed to a street outside. Most of the time will be spent in quietness so you don’t disturb your neighbours. You don’t want to upset and annoy them in hope that they won’t do the same to you.

When you rent one of our villas you literally have the whole mountain to yourselves.

Our properties are built on top of a hill, 350 meters above sea level. You have the cascading hills below you, the sea across and the sun rising in all its glory.

5. Location of Skopelos Country Villas

There are many hotels scattered all over Skopelos. Some of them on the coast, close to a beach, while others within the boundaries of Skopelos town.

If you decide to rent a room in town, you are restricted to small cobblestoned streets which make driving a rental car nearly impossible and in some cases, not advisable.

When staying in Skopelos town, you’ll need to safely park your car in the municipality parking.

This means you need to be walking back to your hotel every time you come back from the beach. Not to mention finding a parking spot which can be challenging during peak season.

If you book a hotel close to the coast, you will need to bear the extra cost that is associated with this privilege.

When you decide to stay at our villas, you have the best of everything. We are centrally-located yet in beautiful countryside. 

Our properties are a 15 min drive from some of the most beautiful beaches in Skopelos.

Wrapping Up the Benefits of staying in our Villas vs Hotels

Skopelos Country Villas will be your home away from home. 

Saving on food by taking advantage of our fully-equipped kitchens will contribute to more memorable holiday experiences. Having the privacy and extra spaces of our villas will help in having a very relaxed and laid-back holiday. Our panoramic views totally relax your senses. 

If you’re looking to get away with friends, you can book both our villas and enjoy a sought-after reunion without having to worry about small hotel spaces and Covid-19 hygiene risks. 

Our location is more than ideal to access some stunning attractions and the magnificent beaches of Skopelos island.  

Book one or both our Villas

Skopelos Villas – Country Villa Delfi

Superb Sea & Mountain Views

from €159-€249/night

Skopelos Villas-Country Villa Sendoukia

Panoramic Vista Views

from €149-€229/night

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