About Skopelos Country Villas

Skopelos Country Villas is the ideal place for the ultimate relaxing holiday in Skopelos. Situated in the quiet hamlet of Karya means you are located half way between Skopelos town, (10-15 min. away), and most beaches on the west side of the island.

If you are looking for a place to get away from it all. A place to totally unwind and rejuvenate your senses, look no further! Both Country Villas have totally different styles from each other. Villa Delfi and Villa Sendoukia offer everything to help you spend an unforgettable holiday break. Moreover, they are totally independent. They both have two bedrooms each and private pools. In addition to being unique, they share exactly the same, unparalleled sea and mountain views.

These panoramic vista views of the valleys below and the sea across the horizon will offer countless photography inspiration throughout your day or night. Country walks, mountain biking and other activities will keep you nicely occupied. Attractions such as the Neolithic Sendoukia Graves and the Mamma Mia chapel of St. John, (among many others) will highlight your holidays in Skopelos.

A few word on us

We have been around in the hamlet of Karya for at least four generations. The land of Skopelos Country Villas was passed on to us from our ancestors, and was primarily used for farming. The area was know for its Plum trees that were cultivated for most part of the twentieth century. They produced tons of prunes that put Skopelos Island on the global map for excellent quality. It still is what we call today a ‘Super Food’. There are still some plum trees of course in our land, as well as various other trees, (cherry trees, apples, chestnut trees), and the yearly vegetable patch. This is farmed with a lot of dedication by my father, Yiorgos.

I was born and raised in Skopelos and always exposed to Tourism. I remember myself in the Hospitality and Travel business for most of my life, (from the first family business in Skopelos town).  It was inevitable that I continue my adult life and career in the same field. Therefore, I decided to turn the Art of Hospitality into Science!

A never ending trip full of life time experiences

As soon as I finished school, I followed my heart and adventurous spirit. I ended up in the UK, trying to figure out what to pursue in life. I did not take me long to decide, and a almost a year later, I was accepted at Oxford Brookes University. There, I successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Catering Management. This degree gave me a lot of opportunities to further spread my wings of adventure. I had already experienced a year’s living in the USA, while I was working for my Work Experience year, (part of my degree).

I knew through that year, that I wanted to further explore this vast country. To get the chance to work there again.  So as soon as I graduated, I got selected to work in a big Resort Hotel. This was through a Management in Development program that lasted almost 2 years. It was in the Southern-most part of the Continental US this time. On a tiny island full of life and diversity, both in people and surroundings. A great experience both personally and professionally.

Back to Base camp

Greece has always been deep in my heart, no matter where I went. So it was only natural, that after my last stint in the US, home was calling me back. A series of different events took place, like going to the Navy and doing a year’s term there. As one does when they are Hellenic since it is mandatory here, and for most, a good experience nonetheless.

Some other experiences that I couldn’t leave out, would be the time of the Athens 2004 – Olympic Games. What a great, 8 month ride this was. Being part of the Torch Relay Team got me travelling all over Greece. Getting involved and watching the Opening and Closing ceremonies. Ancient Olympia, lighting of the Torch, athletes. Watching great events up close and even running with the Torch. This was no doubt one experience that I get goose bumps even today when thinking about it.

I decided to turn the Art of Hospitality into Science and studied Hotel & Catering Management.

Skopelos calling from afar

I packed up my life in Athens and moved back to the island. I wanted to build something there that could stay. Combine precious experiences gained in the past and use them in a way that would help others fall in love with Skopelos Island. Experience first hand its unique beauty and diverse landscape.

Skopelos Country Villas were already knocking at my door!

One year later, we went from paper plans, to actual foundations, structures. Taking advantage of the highest point of our ancestors land. The point where the eye meets the sea across, and the mountain hills below and intertwine with each other. Where color changes throughout the day and no view and atmosphere is similar to each other. Our picture galleries can attest to this easily.

Our first guests arrived in the middle of July and the dream was finally real. The moment had come where other people could witness the sheer magnificence of this landscape. Enjoy its beauty from sunrise to sunset. Cool off in one of the swimming pools. Take walks in the beautiful surrounding country trails. Drive off to the west coast by taking the scenic route of Mount Delfi. Crossing the entire east, weather bitten coast to reach the Lighthouse of Gourouni among many other activities and attractions.

Skipping stones

about skopelos country villas
Skipping stones at one’s life. Living the life of adventure.

Experiences never stopped flowing once I moved back to Skopelos. A couple of years later, my adventurous spirit was calling on me again. This time, for another short time in Athens, and straight after that, in the heart of the Middle East. This experience deserves a whole chapter by itself!

I can now say that Skopelos is definitely by base. I have lived in 3 Continents, 4 countries and 7 different cities across the globe by now. No matter how many Skipping Stones I throw at my life, I know I can’t stand being away from this beautiful island. Not for more than a couple of months at a time anyway.

You will find me here, meeting and greeting you upon your arrival. Giving you advice on Skopelos and what not to miss. Making sure that your stay is comfortable and memorable, along with my parents, Yiorgos and my mother, Rosa. Preserving this small piece of paradise so that you can witness it and experience it for yourselves too.