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Perivoli Restaurant

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Our Verdict

Perivoli restaurant in Skopelos town – is what first comes to mind when asked about the top places to eat in Skopelos

It delivers excellent food in a very elegant, yet subtle way and environment. Hidden in a little alley and right through one of the busiest squares in town, (known as the ‘Souvlaki Square). You will see a big gate on your right as you start walking up this alley. The familiar smell of planted herbs will give you a warm welcome as soon as you step into this Perivoli, (the Greek word for ‘orchard’). Beautiful flower beds and grapevines set the stage for this place. The newly added bar space and indoor eating areas have enlarged this restaurant in a smart and creative way.

Food is prepared by owner and excellent Chef, Reginos, who never ceases to amaze us with his cooking. He prepares each and every dish with the same attention to detail and inspiring flair every time. The results never fail to impress us whether we tried a new dish, or an old-time favourite, (like his ‘Malaysian chicken’ recipe).

Service is excellent, yet not obtrusive. Every time we needed something, the staff magically appeared at our table with a genuine smile. Perivoli restaurant will decidedly be one of the trip highlights you take back home!

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