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Skopelos Chapels and Monasteries Near Us

Skopelos Chapels and Monasteries near Skopelos Country Villas
Skopelos Chapels and Monasteries near Skopelos Country Villas

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Why the Chapels and Monasteries Near us?

We are truly blessed, to be based in the area of Karya.

It really is a diversified place of unique beauty. A walk in the surrounding countryside will not be just about paths and wildflowers.

The chapels and monasteries near Skopelos Country Villas will transform your walk into a kind of treasure hunt. A hunt for small chapels hiding away.

Tucked on mountain slopes and beckoning to be discovered. Monasteries of interesting architecture and ambience.

A great day out to discover the area and take some great pictures back home.

1. The Chapel of Profitis Elias

A beautiful chapel nestled under some pine trees. Inviting you to rest for a while under the thick canopy of the pines.

Enjoy its shade on a hot summer day. This is the first chapel you will encounter on your way to Agios Efstathios Monastery.

The name day of the saint is on the 20th of July and again, if your holiday falls within these days, make sure you take about 1 hr of your time to experience the service. You are better off walking to this chapel as parking is challenging here. 

Prophet Elias, is actually one of the biggest Prophets in the Greek Orthodox Church, as well as the “Wedding Saint”. Parts of his prophecies you will see on an old manuscript, framed and hung on the left side of the doorway as you enter the chapel.

2. The Chapel of Ayios Nikolaos

A cute, tiny chapel, that is usually closed to the public. You can see this from Skopelos Country Villas on the left.

Perched on top of a hill. Its name day is on the 6th of December. It is actually located within private land.

The owners will not mind you going there, however, as long as you meet them there.

Remember to close every gate that you open up behind you. Once you get on top of the slope, you will be rewarded by the panoramic views of the area and beyond, to the east and Alonissos island. If you look to your right. (having the chapel behind you), you will easily spot Skopelos Country Villas as well.

It is worth bringing your lunch with you for a nice picnic at the little plateau (on the left of the chapel).

3. The Monastery of Ayios Georgios

This is an old, enclosed monastery located just before the entrance of Agios Efstathios. 

Worth visiting while you are still in this area. Its name day is on the 24th of April. The collapsed exterior walls outline the sleeping and eating quarters that were once used and maintained by monks.

The beautiful field outside offers you great views of the surrounding area while enjoying a picnic and looking at its peculiarly shaped cypress trees.

4. The Monastery of Ayios Efstathios

Within easy access from the premises.

Walking or driving, you will find the way to the monastery a pleasant and easy route. The monastery of Agios Efstathios was built back in the 1600s.

You can see this on the marble stone by the main entrance. It was restored during the early 90s to what you see today; a large structure with fortress-like walls surrounding it.

The original chapel can be seen from the lower side of these walls.

Its renovation took place when the “Christian Orthodox Fellowship” of Thessaloniki took over this place. Apart from the renovation, their goal was also to attract and develop Religious Holidays for Skopelos. For this reason, you will also notice the living quarters that were built within the monastery walls.

The monastery itself is not occupied by nuns or monks. You can only access it when members of the fellowship happen to be there (usually August and September). However, you will still be able to see the exterior, the beautiful scenery and the feel the serenity of the area.

The Saint’s name day is on the 20th of September and if you happen to be at Skopelos Country Villas at that time, it will be a great experience. You can attend the service, either the night before or on the morning of the Saint’s day.

You will experience at first hand a Greek Orthodox Church service. At the end of each service, people gather together to have a drink of ouzo, enjoy some local delicacies and generally be merry.

Map of Skopelos Chapels and Monasteries near Skopelos Country Villas

Skopelos Chapels and Monasteries near Skopelos Country Villas
Click on this image to access our Custom Google Map of Skopelos and Monasteries near Skopelos Country Villas.

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