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Lighthouse of Gourouni – Skopelos Attractions

Lighthouse of Gourouni - Skopelos Attractions
Skopelos Attractions - LightHouse of Gourouni

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Lighthouse of Gourouni – Skopelos Attractions

If you make it this far, you should be feeling proud!

You are one of the very few people that discovered this place. Those staying longer than one week should make an effort to visit the Lighthouse of Gourouni in Skopelos.

You can of course still venture out and see this place, even if you’re staying for just 1 week.

It really is the furthest point one can drive to in Skopelos island. The best plan you can make is to dedicate a whole day to visiting this place.

It will be a lot more rewarding to drive there at a leisurely pace. Stop along the way to visit the great monastery of ‘Taxiarhes” resting at a picturesque corner. This monastery is halfway to the Lighthouse.

When you reach the dirt road, it is well worth stepping off your car and walking some or the rest of the way. The scenery around you will reward you with great views of the Aegean.

So what is the Lighthouse of Gourouni?

By reaching the Lighthouse of Gourouni you have reached the northern most point of Skopelos.

It is one of the oldest lighthouses in Greece and is considered a Historical Monument from the Greek Ministry of Culture. The structure itself is  60 meters above sea level and as stated in the Greek Travel Pages it was built by the Greek State in 1889, (according to the date written on its lighting machinery).

The height of the entire structure is 17,8 meters and its focal plane is 70 meters.

It has worked automatically with electricity since 1989, but before that, it was operated by petroleum and there was always a lighthouse keeper leaving here all year to maintain and help it run. To learn more about this great monument, read here!

While there, make sure you dedicate at least 1 hour to enjoy this structure, take pictures with the deepest blue background of the Aegean Sea and just sit in a shaded area and listen to the wind, gaze away and watch the occasional boat go by.

Lighthouse of Gourouni - Skopelos Attractions
Just before you reach the Lighthouse of Gourouni on the NE side of Skopelos. Passing boats will greed you.

How to get to the Lighthouse of Gourouni in Skopelos - Useful Tips

This is one of the sites I would definitely recommend for you to see.

One route, that will stay in your mind as one of the main highlights of your time in Skopelos.

Although there are two routes you can follow to reach the Gourouni Lighthouse in Skopelos, I would recommend the more adventurous one. Follow the route that crosses the entire East Coast of the island.

Alternatively, skip the following part, follow the easier, west costal road and continue reading further down!

Reaching the Eastern side of Skopelos first

If you depart from Skopelos Country Villas, make your way back down to Skopelos town.

Just 2 km after the main gate of the premises, you will reach a small junction. Here you either drive straight towards the town or take your left towards the Kalogeros hamlet.

Follow this road, which becomes unpaved after approximately 4 km of driving. This route is really interesting with some of the most wonderful views you will see towards the coast and the cliffs below you.

Lighthouse of Gourouni - Skopelos Attractions
A typical view of the coastline as you approach the Lighthouse.

The neighbouring island of Alonnisos across. Glysteri beach and its secluded bay.

If you rented a jeep, you will enjoy its use on the many twists and turns of this unpaved road. If you have rented a smaller, conventional car, you just need to slow down and manoeuvre away from the potholes of this unpaved road.

Further down the route, you can also glimpse the magnificent “Rock”, the Mamma Mia chapel of Agios Yiannis.

There are many points on this road where you will simply need to leave your car aside.

Step out and take in the sheer magnificence of the natural landscape around you. The pine forests and the wildflowers are everywhere around you. The deep blue Aegean sea below you completes the perfect canvas of this rugged, East Coast.


Reaching the main-coastal road “Skopelos-Glossa”

You will be continuing on this road until you start approaching the northern part of Skopelos. This point is easily recognisable.

You will notice a narrowing of the land, (it is the ‘bottleneck’ of Skopelos map).

Here, you can see both the East and West sides of Skopelos. Yet another great spot for taking pictures here.

Do not be alarmed that you have reached a dead-end, just head left to a narrow, cement covered track, wide enough just for your car. This will lead you on to the main, coastal road of Skopelos.

You are now very close to Glossa village.

Lighthouse of Gourouni - Skopelos Attractions
The terrain changes dramatically as you drive through the dirt road that leads to the Lighthouse of Gourouni. The deep green is mixed beautifully with the terracotta colours of the road and the blue of the sea. You can see Alonnisos in the distance.

Congratulate yourselves for getting over the hardest part of this journey and drive on towards Glossa.

Just before the entrance, (and having passed the sign for the “Rock”), you will see various signs on your right, pointing you towards several beaches.

Among these signs, follow the one for “Lighthouse Gourouni” or “Faros Gourouni”, (in Greek).

Head towards the direction of “Perivoliou” beach.

You will reach the point where you can park your car and head down for a swim, (recommended if you have the time, or simply dedicate another day). You can now see the road continuing further along and becoming once more, unpaved.

Follow on this track until its very end! You can even park it somewhere and carry on walking from this point.

The landscape dramatically changes to that of low shrubbery and sea-beaten bushes.

It is remarkable how quickly and drastically this changes that you will find it hard to believe that you are still on Skopelos!

This track will eventually lead you, (whether you followed it by car or foot), to the great Lighthouse of Gourouni.

Map of The Lighthouse of Gourouni - Skopelos Attractions

Click on this image to access our Custom Google Map for the Lighthouse of Gourouni - Skopelos Atrractions

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