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Scuba Diving in Skopelos

Scuba Diving in Skopelos

Scuba Diving in Skopelos

Scuba diving in Skopelos is one of these activities you can try and will stay in your memory for a lifetime.
It will define your holiday or at least be one of the top highlights of your vacation here.
If you ever thought that scuba diving would be ‘one of those things you would like to try in your lifetime’ this would be the time to do it. The feeling of
  • weightlessness in water,
  • being one with the sea,
  • not having to stick your head out every other second for a breath,
  • feeling relaxed to explore the sea bed, actually notice all the fish around you
These sensations cannot be described easily.
You have to experience it to fully appreciate it.
Don’t put it off thinking that it requires too much effort or complicated training.
The team at Skopelos Diving Centre is there to familiarise you with all necessary theory and practice.
You can try the ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ with a shore dive.
Your training will last approximately half-hour.
Before you know it, you will be able to breathe in the water for the first time.
It is a priceless feeling!
For those who have done scuba diving before, or are PADI Certified, Skopelos can offer some spectacular diving spots.
Kostas and his team are there to advise you, depending on the level of your experience.
Image Credits: attribution – Skopelos Dive Center
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Where to find Skopelos Dive Center

The Skopelos Dive Centre is based in Panormos Beach, (within the premises of Adrina Beach Hotel), as well as Skopelos town.
You can visit the ’Skopelos Dive Centre’ website for all available diving options, certification courses, prices etc.

Contact Info for Skopelos Dive Center

Email directly: Click here.
Call Directly: Click here

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