Inspirational Guest Experiences – Paul & Family in Skopelos – Part 2

Inspirational Guest Experiences part 2

Continuing the Inspirational Holiday Experience of the Rogers Family at Skopelos Country Villas

In the first part of this new blog post series, we looked at holiday experiences directly through our guest's eyes.

We documented the first part of the trip from the UK to the closest airport (Skiathos).

Renowned Times Photographer, Paul Roger and his family, were very kind in providing a detailed journal of their experiences.

They shared some useful tips on this part of their journey. Advice that can act as a kind of 'Time Travel' into the future for all the guests that are joining us this summer.

In this final part we share their experiences of Skopelos island. The time spent in Skopelos Country Villas. The places they managed to explore during their 2 week stay with us.

This is Paul's writing for the 2nd part of their holiday experience:

It was a 15min hop to Glossa, one of two ports the ferry stopped at. We were met there by the hire car company that Andonis had arranged, and were soon driving up the windy road, following the sat nav to meet Andonis at the bottom of the drive to his villas.

The villa is beautiful, just as expected, with the fabulous view the star attraction. The kids were soon in the pool, and Helen and I were enjoying a glass of wine from the generous welcome pack that Andonis had promised to us.

Among other things, there’s water, beer, wine, cheese, bread and milk. We always travel with a bag of PG tips! It meant that we didn’t have to worry about finding a supermarket until tomorrow, so we enjoyed the view and relaxed into the start of the holiday.

Sky Watching at night - One of the highlights for Paul and family at Skopelos Country Villas

At night, the view of the stars is superb - crystal clear, no light pollution. There’s a telescope in the villa, and we used it to check out the moon... We also discovered that the International Space Station passed overhead several times during our stay, and it was great to watch it pass.

Exploring the Beaches of Skopelos with the family

Our next two weeks were a superb mix of discovering local beaches, exploring Skopelos Town and enjoying the plentiful Tavernas. 

One of our favourite beaches was the nearby Glysteri Beach with it’s newly build cafe complete with sun beds. As with most beach bars, it’s not the cheapest, but it’s proximity to Villa Delfi, clean sheltered waters and decent food menu made it a hit with the whole family.

Be aware that they do play music through loudspeakers dotted along the beach. We found a quiet spot between speakers, but you can go further away if the sun beds aren’t required.

We also spent a couple of days at Stafilos beach too. The kids were keen to try the water sofa, which was pretty exciting. They let me ride in the tow boat to film the kids on the sofa as well.

Exploring the beaches in the NE during our family holiday in Skopelos
Exploring the beaches of NE during our family holiday in Skopelos

For day trips, we enjoyed driving to Perivoliou Beach on the way to find the lighthouse, (Faros in Greek). We arrived to the lighthouse at the end of a long and windy dirt frack. Its courtyard inside, (the only accessible part to public), was unfortunately closed at the time. But stopping at Perivoliou Beach made up for it - the waves were wild and the cliff top cafe did a decent lunch.

It’s also worth taking a days boat tour over to Alonnisos as well. A half day trip takes in some of the best beaches and includes a trip up to the town for lunch as well. 

For an evening meal in Skopelos Town, we enjoyed Anna’s as well as our favourite, Perivoli. It’s garden setting and menu never let us down - there was something good for the whole family.

Introducing children to the value of family holidays

Overall we had a super Summer holiday on Skopelos, and thoroughly enjoyed staying at Villa Delfi. I’d have no hesitation recommending it to friends.

It’s a great way to introduce younger children to something a little different to an organised package holiday. And providing you’re happy to take on some challenging driving on the island, there’s something for everyone. We’ll definitely be returning, and look forward to Andonis’ warm welcome again.

Reaching the end of family holiday in Skopelos

We've reached the end of our first, 'Inspirational Guest Stories' blog series.

Paul and his family portrayed an ideal family holiday at Skopelos Country Villas. A relaxing break combining island exploration, fun and quality evenings at our premises.

If you'd like to get featured for your upcoming holiday or you've stayed with us before, please drop us a line. We'll be delighted to share your holiday experiences in a future blog post.  

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