What to pack when travelling to Skopelos Country Villas

What to pack when travelling to Skopelos Country Villas

Travelling to Skopelos this summer? Here is a useful guide of what to pack when travelling to Skopelos Country Villas

Many of you will agree with me on this matter! It's a question that is often asked when travelling to Skopelos or any other Greek Island. What to pack when travelling to Skopelos Country Villas? What are the particular items that will be useful during your stay at our premises? How can you pack without overloading your luggage?

What to pack when travelling to SkopelosIn addition, how can you get away with packing just a carry-on bag and still have your favourite things?

What things can you pack for a vacation in Skopelos so that you don't end up missing half of the items you would have liked to have with you?

In this post, I will attempt to compile a list of the essential things to pack for travelling. It will be just simpler if we assume that you are coming to Skopelos for one week. If you happen to be travelling for longer, however, don't panic! Just adjust the items slightly and you will still be happy.

For the sake of simplicity, I will divide your luggage space into 3 main categories:

Tech Gear

Now, I can just about read your mind and hear you thinking out loud!

Can packing be the same for both Ladies and Gentleman? - what to pack when travelling to Skopelos Country Villas

Well, the answer is simple - they are not! For this reason, I decided to put together a general list here, where most things will be covered. At the end of this post, however, you will have the chance to grab a more comprehensive guide geared specifically for you. Read on to find out!


A light jacket-the windbreaker kind. Sometimes in the evenings, you may get a cool breeze. I would recommend this when visiting Skopelos Country Villas.

One pair of trousers - jeans would be fine for anywhere you happen to go. Ladies, opt for a casual dress maybe.

Two pairs of shorts - one for the beach and one for the evening. As an alternative to wearing jeans. Remember though the evening version needs to be a little more formal, (not beach style).

A long or short sleeve shirt - to accompany your dressy evenings.

A couple of t-shirts - you could divide this into t-shirts for the beach and for your evening outings.

Your underwear - obviously! Don't forget those.

Shoes - now this is debatable. You will need a pair of beach shoes or flip flops depending on your style. A good, sturdy pair of shoes is also needed for your outings in town. You don't have to take dressy shoes here unless your image totally depends on them. Ladies, you won't need high heels, really. All of the streets are cobblestone and quite slippery at places too. If you are a hiker, then you can bring along a pair of hiking shoes/boots or a pair of gym/trainer shoes to combine your beach shoes with those for your hiking activities. Remember, shoes take up a lot of real estate in your luggage.

Socks - not that you desperately need them. If you intend on going for a hike or run then by all means. This is totally for you to decide.

What to pack when travelling to Skopelos Country Villas - For the beach:

Ladies: Sarong, if this is your thing.

Gents, you can bring your tank tops but remember, you may get a nasty sunburn with your tank top's design on your skin-now that's not on! You are better off with a t-shirt.

Beach towels - most establishments will not provide you with beach towels. No, it's not really ok to bring your bath towels to the beach. They will eventually get ruined and you will be left with salty towels for your showers until the next linen/towel change.

Swimsuits - two swimsuits each are ideal. Both for the ladies and the gents.
Hats - always wise. The sun can be relentless!

Tech Gear

Camera - in order to get best results out of your pictures. Use your phone's as a secondary option. It's always great to have top-notch pictures from your holidays. What to pack - Tech Gear OrganiserPhone cameras don't always give us the best results.

Memory card - carry at least one extra from your camera's card. You never know when you will decide to go on a shooting spree. If something happens to your first memory card, you will have a spare one to play with.

Memory Stick - having one always comes in handy. You can load it with some of your favourite music, for example, so you can plug it into the flat TV at Skopelos Country Villas and play your favourite music. You can also load it with other important documents for example, (your tickets, reservation documents), and access them if you need to. Do you want to catch up on your favourite TV series? Watch the movie you have been trying to watch for ages? Load it with movies and plug into the TV for a quiet night in.

Mobile phone - to get in touch with your friends and family, listen to some music while travelling etc. It would be advisable to ask your phone carrier for usage abroad - roaming charges, etc. If you can, load it with some extra megabytes for internet use and app use. This way, you can use applications such as 'What's App', 'Viber', 'Facetime' to communicate with anyone without pumping up your phone bill.

Chargers - now the list here can get long. Don't be tempted to bring more than one, maximum two chargers with you. If possible try buying one multi-charger that will have extensions for all kinds of phones and Operating Systems. It will save you a lot of space and headaches.

European adaptors for electricity plugs - have at least two of these if you don't want to find yourselves not being able to plug in anything. Finding them here may prove to be harder.


Small backpack - shoulder bag. This will come in very handy for many occasions. Use it to put the stuff that you take on the beach. Have a casual walk across town. You can place your camera in, charger, wallet, etc. If you can get away using it on the plane beside your carry on, it will be a valuable extra storage item.

Sunscreen - or sprays. If you can't live without your favourite brand or kind of sunscreen, bring it along. If you are just after your average product so you don't end up looking like a 'holiday lobster', you can find them here. Any Super Market, Pharmacy or even souvenir shop will have them.

Books - they are bulky and can be heavy. We can't live without them though. Don't bring more than one, unless you have plenty of space and weight left over. You can always browse our bookshelves too. If you manage to read it while here - just leave it behind so you can save room and weight for your souvenirs.

Congrats on making it this far! This list can easily get much longer but I feel I have covered at least the basics.

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