Skopelos recommended Restaurants

john's taverna panormos beach skopelos

Skopelos recommended Restaurants    One of the most important elements that creates a memorable holiday, is memorable food! Being able to experience the local cuisine in its true, authentic taste and with local products, makes a huge difference to your holiday. Below, you will find some of our favourite Skopelos …

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Skopelos car rental

skopelos car rental - skopelos country villas

Skopelos car rentalRunning a family business ourselves, we prefer to use local businesses ran by other families. They provide a great, personalised Car Rental service in Skopelos. All of our guests in the past have used this Skopelos car rental business.They deliver outstanding and reliable 24 hour service and your car will be …

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Travelling to Skopelos

Travelling to Skopelos Country Villas

Travelling to Skopelos Here are the different ways of transport you can use to get to Skopelos: Ferry boats: This includes conventional boats that take cars, High-speed catamarans, (or ‘Cats’ as they’re more commonly known), for passengers only, Hydrofoils (or Flying Dolphins) Make a search below and book your tickets online …

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