The last of the Autumn Blues in Skopelos Country Villas

Autumn Blues in Skopelos Country Villas

Autumn Blues in Skopelos Country Villas

We are deeply appreciative and very lucky to enjoy all 4 Seasons here in Skopelos. We are especially thankful to cherish the Last of the Autumn Blues in Skopelos Country Villas.

The scenery around us transforms in such a spectacular display of intense autumnal colours. It is so beautiful to just walk around and admire the landscape around Skopelos Country Villas. It can easily be the envy of some of the more traditional Autumn destinations.

Here in Skopelos, there is always something to be admired in every season of the year. Even in the heart of the winter! Where nature hibernates and hues of grey become more prominent around us. It really is a blessing that Skopelos always displays a magnificent seasonal show. Although we do get some extreme weather phenomena lately, the change in the atmosphere and landscape has always been noticeable.

I could snap pictures of beautiful autumnal landscapes all day. Contrary to some/most people, I don’t find Autumn to be depressing. I love the extreme colour contrast everywhere around you. Nature’s colour palette offers tons of inspiration to those who are willing to really appreciate it.

You just need to stop dead in your tracks, look around you and observe! Don’t wait for the perfect moment, the perfect photographic gear, or even the perfect mood to take some pictures. Capturing images that will stand out and create that 2 second-breath taking sensation-when looking at them, calls for some spontaneity.

I don’t carry my DSLR camera around with me all day, (although I do wish I carried it more often). All it takes is for me to grab my mobile phone out of my pocket as quickly as I can. Fast enough so that my eyes don’t miss that perfect frame my imagination has prompted me to shoot.

I snap many pictures with my mobile phone. I always carry it with me, as naturally most of us do. Having it handy in my pocket encourages me to take pictures on a daily basis. Even of the same surroundings, but with a different angle. The difference in light encourages me to experiment and capture different ambiences. Most of these pictures just live on my phone. Waiting to be chosen, they will occupy some of my card’s free memory.

Some of these pictures though, (and I’m certain if you asked them, they would feel privileged), will see the light of day. They will get published in various social media channels, (here in our Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), almost immediately, or, get in line to be published, seen and hopefully admired by you.

Here are some of these pictures, shot towards the end of November, in one of these shooting sprees with my mobile. They made it through the final Boot Camp and will hopefully receive some appreciation.

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How do you normally take your pictures? Do you find using more and more your mobile phone’s camera? Do you make the effort of always carrying your DSLR with you?


  1. Hey Andonis,

    These are some great pics here! Beautiful colours indeed. You know, I do take to snap away pictures with my cell phone a lot these days. They do make it convenient and attractive. Also today’s technology on mobile cameras is getting to be incredible, almost identical to an actual camera.
    I always feel guilty about not carrying DSLR’s or compact cameras with me, but hey, like you say, what’s important, is to actually take the pictures and not wait for the perfect moment/gear.
    Great post 🙂

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thanks for stopping by..:-)
      Happy you liked the pictures, it really is full of inspiration around our place. Let’s just snap away, whether you’re visiting in spring, summer, autumn, or even winter. Try visiting later in the summer next time too!

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