Some of the top Skopelos Beaches not to miss – part 1

Panormos Beach on the west side of Skopelos - Best Beaches of Skopelos

Beaches of Skopelos you shouldn't miss during your visit

Skopelos Island is the biggest of the Sporades islands in Greece, but still small, compared to some others in this country.

Despite its size, it has a spectacular shoreline and some fantastic beaches you should visit when you visit Skopelos this summer.

Although not renowned for their exotic atmosphere, the beaches of Skopelos are unmistakeably Mediterranean.

Known for the transparent, crystal-clear waters, the emerald colours reflected from the pine trees and the dramatic scenery that only the Aegean Sea can so generously offer.

When I first got the idea to write an article about beaches on Skopelos, the phrase 'favourite beaches of Skopelos' kept dominating my thoughts.

But, I decided against this title, since my favourite beaches on Skopelos can end up being different from yours.

For this exact reason, I split this topic of 'Skopelos beaches' into a 3 part series: 'Best beaches of Skopelos not to miss - part 2', and 'The most secluded beaches of Skopelos - part 3'.

The diversity of Skopelos beaches will exceed your expectations.

Each beach and each tiny cove around Skopelos island has its setting and character. It's what makes it unique from all the others.

Some beaches are long and un-sheltered, while others are smaller and protected.

A deserted island or two in the distance can cut off strong currents and winds. Other beaches around Skopelos are sheltered by mountain hills, prohibiting strong winds and making swimming easier.

This can be more than ideal for those that are not very strong swimmers.

The west side of Skopelos is more sheltered than the east, which is pounded by strong northerly winds.

During the summer, however, there are many days with no wind at all, which makes it fantastic for exploring some beaches on the east that are more off the beaten path.

So where do you go for a swim I hear you say?

Where do you go on a windy day to enjoy your day with your family?

Which beach has sand or pebbles, shallow or deep water?

How do you reach these beaches from Skopelos Country Villas?

The following, are some of the top beaches Skopelos has to offer. By the end of this post series, (it's divided into 3 parts), you will have a better understanding of:

Where to go depending on weather,

The route you need to take from Skopelos Country Villas and,
The type of beach.

Reaching the west side of Skopelos island from our properties is always a pleasure.

The drive will reward you with some of the most breathtaking sceneries Skopelos has to offer.

Make sure to check out the Scenic route of Skopelos in my Attractions page.

Hovolo Beach - by Elios town

Some of the top Skopelos Beaches not to miss - part_1
Hovolo beach stretches for about 300 meters before this beautiful finish

Description - Hovolo Beach:
It faces west, and it requires some walking in the water to reach the far end where you can enjoy some fine shingle and excellent snorkelling.

Take care walking on the rocks as they can be quite slippery.

It offers a very dramatic backdrop with a huge granite wall running the entire length of the beach.

Excellent surroundings with small coves along the entire length of the beach.

TIP No. 1

Take extra care walking on the stones and around the first passage. Stones are very slippery.

TIP No. 2

Ensure you have enough drink and food supplies before you start walking for Hovolo Beach.
There's a very nice cafe bar at the end of the road by Elios Town Beach.


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Access - Hovolo Beach: Moderate

Although it's not one of the most easily accessible, it's certainly one of the most stunning beaches in Skopelos.

It's the first beach you will encounter after the descent from Delfi mountain.

Turn right at the T junction off Mt. Delfi Scenic Route.

Drive approx. 100 meters and turn left off this main road and into Elios seaside Town.

Park your car at the end of this road and far-left as you face the sea.

Kastani Beach - the Mamma Mia scene

Skopelos Beaches - Kastani Beach - Part 1 of 3
Kastani Beach - the movie set of Mamma Mia.

Description - Kastani Beach:

Usually busy during high season, but never really crowded.

It became widely known from the famous Mamma Mia movie beach scenes that were filmed here.

The lounge bar has umbrellas and loungers to the front of the beach. If you prefer to lay your towel on the beach, you can still do so either to the far left or right.

Crystal clear water makes it ideal for some snorkelling and exploring around the left side.

If you are into diving, you will discover some easy to climb rocks that you can dive from.

A perfect spot to have a drink in the late afternoon and watch the sun go down.

Access - Kastani Beach: Easy

Instead of turning right on the main road towards Elios-Neo Klima, head in the opposite direction and turn left on to on-coming traffic.

Continue driving on the main coastal road for about 5-10 minutes.

You'll see a road sign and a dirt road descending right off the main road.

There is a big parking area at the bottom of the drive behind the beach.

Milia Beach - the Longest Stretch

Skopelos Beaches - Milia Beach
Beautiful Milia Beach as seen from Mt. Delfi scenic route.

Description - Milia Beach:

Milia is the longest beach in Skopelos.

No matter how busy it may get during peak season, you can still find a couple of square meters to lay your towel.

As soon as you park your car and walk onto the beach, you'll spot Dasia island in the distance. The sight of this small, deserted island transforms the rest of the scenery into a picture-perfect Aegean landscape.

This pine infested speck of land compliments the crystal blue sea and matches mainland Skopelos as if it's an Impressionist's painting.

TIP No. 1
If you enjoy snorkelling, try to stay in the middle, where some rocks divide the beach into two parts.

Skopelos Beaches - Milia Beach during Sunset
Majestic Milia Beach during day and Sunset time

There are two beach bars on Milia beach.

The first is located towards the end of the beach and a smaller, quieter one on the right side of the rocks.

Milia is a perfect spot to watch a spectacular sunset and capture some great images.


Access - Milia Beach: Easy

Keep driving past Kastani beach.
You will see the sign to Milia Beach and the asphalted road turning to the right.
It is about half a kilometre from the main coastal road to reach the parking areas for this beach.

TIP No. 2
The two parking areas can get very busy during the peak season, (mid-July through the end of August), making it very hard to find a parking spot.

I would highly recommend parking as close to the main road as possible. This means more walking but it is an asphalted road and shaded in most parts.

Panormos Beach - the 'Heart of Skopelos'

Skopelos Beaches - Panormos Beach -the Bay from above
Panormos Bay from Mount Delfi. Skopelos is also known as 'The island with the big heart'.


A spectacular bay that is also the biggest in Skopelos.

It's more like a coastal community here with a good choice of tavernas and café snack bars.

You can pleasantly spend your day enjoying the long stretch of beach and lounging around in one of the cafés.

I would recommend trying some excellent homemade food right on the beach at Yiannis Taverna, offering you great views into the sheltered bay and the magnificent sunset.

It is ideal if you like swimming in the distance due to the lack of strong currents.

The crystal-clear waters do get deep after approx. 3-4 metres from the shore.

Children should not be left unsupervised.

Access: Easy

Skopelos beaches located on the west side of the island can easily be found.

Road signs prompt you where to turn and are pretty hard to miss.

Panormos beach is just after Milia on your way from Delfi mountain.

Skopelos beaches - End of Part -1
What's ahead:

In Part-2, we will continue roaming through the rest of the beaches on the sheltered, west side of Skopelos island.

We'll take a lovely detour, however, and start exploring some equally stunning beaches on the east.

Summary and Conclusion - Map of Directions

Access: Moderate
Parking: Adequate
Type of beach:  Rocks, pebbles, shingle
Good for: snorkelling
Beach amenities: None on this stretch of beach - see Elios village

Access: Easy
Parking: Adequate
Type of beach: Pebbles, shingle
Good for: Snorkelling, diving, (towards the rocks found on the left of beach)
Beach amenities: Loungers/Umbrellas, beach bar

Access: Easy
Parking: OK
Type of beach: Pebbles, shingle
Good for: Snorkelling, diving, (see rocks in the middle of the beach)
Beach amenities: Loungers/Umbrellas, beach bars, taverna

Access: Easy
Parking: Adequate
Type of beach: Pebbles, shingle
Good for: Snorkelling
Beach amenities: Loungers/Umbrellas, cafés, tavernas, (see John's Taverna)

These are the directions from Skopelos Country Villas to the beaches visitied in this article

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