Skopelos Villa Rentals – Memories of a summer

A summer through the lens of a Skopelos Villa Rentals owner

Skopelos Country Villas reflect and reminisce through Social Media

Summer is officially over and our honoured guest at our farewell party here in Skopelos.

A new, (yet familiar), guest is just about to make a strong comeback though.

Autumn will wear its colourful costume and escort our Summer guest out of the door.

Yes, I know! These first few lines may sound a bit poetic, or some may even think, overly dramatic.

I do feel that I just can't bypass our beautiful summer.

Write to you about something completely different as if it never happened.
Summer is a huge part of our lives. Both from a personal and from a business perspective.

All owners of Skopelos Villa rentals depend on it.
This year it was an exceptionally hectic one. Now, I can think back and be grateful that I had the chance to meet all of you. All of our lovely guests that decided to spend their precious holiday break with us.

So I decided to give you a glimpse of our summer.

A fleeting glance through our 2 main social media accounts.

A summer through the lens of a Skopelos Villa Rentals owner

No matter how busy it gets, how stressful at times it may be. Skopelos offers limitless amounts of visual inspiration. I can't help seeing beautiful picture frames almost everywhere I look.

I often find myself stopping my car, stepping out and capturing different landscapes. Some times it may be the same picture I took before, but with different light, different weather conditions.

It's a new inspiration that keeps presenting through one's day or night.

Some of these images below made it to either Facebook or Instagram and sometimes in both.

They may have had high engagement rates. Maybe, not even made it through your feeds at the right time or day. It doesn't matter, since it's not about the Facebook algorithm and how many likes an image got.

This post is about rewarding your autumn with summer images from your beloved Skopelos. Sights you may have missed during your visit here.

Little street corners you may have not even noticed. Vista views you may have missed because of a cloudy day, or a passing cloud in an otherwise, clear sky.

The 1st image I decided to start with is from early June. This particular back alley is just within my neighbourhood. The place I was born and raised.

The wall on the right belongs to one of the oldest churches of Skopelos, (Agios Athanasios). I only passed through here a gazillion times before, but never stopped to get a picture.

Glimpses of the Aegean that will always inspire

It was late afternoon, and the frame just grabbed my attention. It encompasses everything Greek to me.

The white-washed walls of the church and the small house to the left.

The bougainvillaea planted in the big ceramic pot.

The cobblestone streets.

The silvery-blue sea, reflecting the last remnants of the sun rays, setting behind to the west.

Here it is in our Facebook's feed:

Countless shades of blue

The following image was captured in one of the many drives from Skopelos Country Villas to Skopelos Town.

It is a typical capture of a windy summer day. A summer day through the life of a villa rental owner in Skopelos. Rushing to get to everything on time. Making sure everyone is happy.

But, never misses an opportunity to step off his car and frame these unbelievable shades of turquoise and blue.

It is one of my very favourites and one I'm sure many of you have seen every day during your trips from our premises to town. It's the junction where you can turn to go to Glysteri Beach.

You see it best as you turn right for Skopelos Town. On a windy day, these straits between Skopelos and Alonnisos, transform the seascape into myriad colours. The boat to the left gracefully masters the waves by keeping as far away from the shore as possible. Leaving the turquoise coloured waters intact for us to see.

This one, you can see from our Instagram Feed:

A view that sets up apart from most other Skopelos Villa Rentals

Yes, I do feel proud of our location and our premises. It's not very often you come across such panorama of views.

One that encompasses mountain hills crisscrossing the verdant landscape in an almost surreal way. Followed by sea views, a neighbouring island and all in one extremely photogenic package.

You can tell how privileged I feel to be the owner of such a gift by how many times I have photographed this landscape.

Each caption is unique in its own way. This one, is one of my favourites, taken mid-July.

The beautiful clouds project a natural, dark contrast on the hills below. They don't quite reach the first hill below us. Highlighting the thirsty, summer undergrowth, where the old farmhouse is perched on top.

From our Instagram feed:

When an image overpowers the hectic schedule of a Skopelos Villa Rentals owner

This is the perfect example of how a hectic summer day can be transformed. How you can instantly forget and overcome your stress by a fleeting glance of a seascape.

When you stop your car, (sometimes the traffic behind you too), step out and snap a picture that is so vivid. So true of everything that depicts a summer scene here in the Sporades group of islands. Magnificent colours that are typical of this area.

I'm confident, (by your reactions and comments on Instagram and Facebook), that this image alone, refreshes your memories from here.

It sparks your imagination of what a Skopelos landscape may look like if you never yet made it here.

Here it is from our Facebook feed:


Summertime has officially passed and so has this photographic journey through my lens

There are so many more pictures than I could embed here. So much I could write about, for the busiest part of our year here in Skopelos. How it's smoothed away by a mere click and capture of an image.

The huge impact photography can have on my daily life.

I sincerely hope that I managed to convey some of this magic to you. The kind of magic that will flood you when you visit Skopelos Island.

For our beloved guests that have already visited Skopelos Country Villas, I hope this post and the pictures, served as a reminder of your time here. An inspiration route to see you through your cold winter days. An opportunity to re-open your picture galleries created from your time here.

Are you looking for an inspiring holiday break?

A 'Get away from it all' place?

A place where you'd wake up every day of your time here looking at these magnificent views?

Look no further and drop us a line. Read about the Top 5 Reasons to choose our villas vs a Hotel for your holiday and then make sure you check our guide and Forget Everything you know about Renting Skopelos Villas, for some great money-saving tips.



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