Skopelos Country Villas welcome you on board!

skopelos country villas new website launch

We are very excited with the launch of our New Website

This is the 3rd, complete, make over of Skopelos Country Villas website. It feels like yesterday, when almost 9 years ago I hired a website specialist and designed the first website for our Country Villas, before we even opened for business. I knew back then, that having a website was imperative for this type of business, (or any business for that matter). In today's fast paced digital world, we tend to take for granted that we will find websites for any business or store front that we happen to stumble upon. Well, this wasn't the case back then, I can promise you that.Skopelos country villas site launch

Being curious for the web design world, I started experimenting with that first website only a couple of years later. I started to realise that changes and website updates were important. Needless to say, I ended up breaking most of it. I realised to my horror, that I only had a month or so before I really needed to produce a brand new website for Skopelos Country Villas, (aka 'Karya Country Escapes' then). I quickly found a solution in one of these 'ready-made', webpages and got very excited. I produced its final version within about one month and was very proud of my achievement. I thought back then that this was going to be a good solution for about a year or two. It was perfect for Skopelos Country Villas and its needs.

Our previous guests surely remember that page - its somewhat retro look and basic design features. It served us well and did what it was supposed to do for that time until just a few days ago. I have since then, dug deeper into the web design world. I found more professional means for a total re-make and really started liking the personal involvement in the making of it.

It took well over a year to produce this 3rd version of Skopelos Country Villas website. Over many frustrations, countless hours of research, personal skill development and in between my real job as well.

Without further ado, I am very happy that it is now ready to be seen, navigated, clicked upon, to be read and commented on!

Trust that I will do my best to keep it updated, keep you informed with topics that will help you plan your trip to Skopelos, reach our beautiful premises or just keep you entertained as much as possible! ENJOY!