Scuba Diving in Skopelos

Scuba diving in Skopelos

Skopelos Dive Centre Scuba diving in Skopelos is one of these activities you can try that will stay in your memory for a lifetime. It will define your holiday or at least be one of the top highlights from your vacation here.   If you ever thought that scuba diving …

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Mountain Biking around Skopelos

Mountain biking around Skopelos country villas

Mountain Biking around Skopelos and the area of Karya [T]here is a variety of roads, trails, treks that are ideal for mountain biking around Skopelos and the area of Karya of course, (the area of Skopelos Country Villas). Some are for experienced mountain bikers while others for the leisurely biker. It …

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Country Walks around Skopelos

country walks around skopelos, skopelos country villas

Country walks around Skopelos and our country villas   [B]ack to the date where the words “car” and “asphalt” could not be found in many dictionaries,  transportation was done through completely different means: walking or donkey riding! The locals had created a whole network of footpaths, which led them from the …

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Sky Watching at Skopelos Country Villas

sky watching at skopelos country villas

Sky watching at Skopelos Country Villas[I]magine being in a place where you gaze up at the night sky and you can see billions of stars looking back at you. Imagine being able to differentiate galaxies, the “Milky Way”, the small and “Big Dipper” and millions of other star systems with …

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