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Reaching Skopelos by ferry

It is generally advised not to book your ferry tickets too far in advance. The reason for this is that the different Ferry companies tend to change schedules, (sometimes even in the heart of summer).

The general rule is to wait until the end of April or the beginning of May to book tickets if you are visiting Skopelos end of June or July.

If you are arriving in the peak season, wait until approximately the beginning of June to see the final published schedules.

If you are taking a car across the mainland, it is advisable to have your tickets booked by late May, (for arrivals during the peak season). For earlier arrivals at the beginning of the season, check schedules by end of April and if you do find a convenient time of departure, (usually this means waiting a couple of hours around port areas to embark if you are there earlier), you can book just for peace of mind, (usually ferries are not as crowded at the beginning or towards the end of summer season).

Catching a ferry-boat across to Skopelos will generally mean about 1 to 1½ hours extra travelling time.

If you are not in a hurry you will have the chance to thoroughly enjoy the magnificent Aegean sea and its enchanting shoreline, while sipping a drink and relaxing on the decks.

If you have not experienced this in Greece before, we would certainly recommend it.

If you choose to book the high-speed Catamaran or Hydrofoil, you will get here faster, but you will not be allowed to be out on the decks and enjoy the Aegean breeze.

A great source for checking schedules is the Ferry Scanner' page.

This website includes updated schedules for all destinations in Greece and you can book directly. In addition, you can check which ferry companies offer the option of issuing 'E-Tickets'. This means that you won't have to visit the local ferry office to pick up your tickets.

Make a search below and book your tickets online to avoid being stranded at the port: