Bruno’s Guest Gallery

skopelos country villas views by bruno

Pictures of Skopelos from Bruno Bruno, Sabine and Ute have been here several times. Over the years Bruno has captured some pretty amazing scenes. A keen photographer with a sharp eye for macro photography and framing what others don’t notice. Some of his landscape pictures are also living in the …

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Stefan – Guest Gallery

Skopelos Country villa Sendoukia - falcons captured by Stefan

Stefan’s explorations – The falcon – nature photographer Stefan and his family have visited our places several time. They’re very keen explorers of the area and the whole island. Stefan has taken some brilliant shots of the local flaura and fauna, including some aerial, mid-flight shots of the falcons. It …

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Mark & Georgie Guest gallery

Mark's Sendoukia visit - Skopelos country villas

A day of exploring with Mark and Georgie The hiking to Sendoukia Graves was fascinating with Mark and his daughter Georgie. Both Mark and Georgie were very much at home with the surrounding fauna. Georgina explored everything she could. From caterpillars to local plants. She acted like a well-seasoned explorer …

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Jussi, Sanna & family

Skopelos country villas - observatory visit with Jusi and family

Exploring Mount Delfi with Jussi’s family We took our time and hiked to Sendoukia Graves where we explored the surrounding flora and took in some incredible views. The legends of Sendoukia Graves fascinated the children and their parents. We then continued and conquered the highest peak of Skopelos and the …

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