Coronavirus Skopelos-6 Reasons for a 2020 Summer Holiday

CoronaVirus Skopelos - 6 Reasons for a 2020 Holiday

A well-earned holiday in Skopelos this summer is getting to be more than just a 'prospect'

The world is currently at a stand-still due to the COVID-19, (aka Coronavirus) pandemic.

'Coronavirus Skopelos'. Two words that have not been occupants of the same room in any of the world's negative statistics.

This will hopefully stay the same in the future.

We're now in a slightly better position than we were over a month ago. This is not to say that we have fully grasped what the covid-19 virus is all about.

Although we may be getting closer to finding a vaccine or pills for this pandemic, we still have a giant leap ahead of us until this virus is fully treated.

Europe has sadly become the epicentre of this pandemic. However, this post will not be about statistics. We won't list what country has had the highest number of victims or the lowest. We're all bombarded daily with these worrying numbers after all.

Wait, are we all leaving in a sci-fi movie matrix of some sort?

Let's face it! We're all living through an era that our generation had never had to face before. We've all experienced some lack of freedom. Some fundamental rights of expression were stripped away. We had to practise several forms of social d-i-s-t-a-n-c-i-n-g.

For some personalities, this is proving to be an easier task.

The same day that most city dwellers flirted with the idea of fleeing to a Greek island to escape this madness, our Mayors pulled a ‘Royal Flush’

For some others, this psychological burden is crushing them. If feels like a bad omen hovering over them. One which they can't shake away. The #stayhome and #StaySafe hashtags choke them in this current world order.

One thing is for certain, however. When this is almost over, (i.e. summer 2020), and this 'novel friend' of ours feels like a bad memory, we will all be desperate for some care-free holiday time.

Why Skopelos Country Villas will be your ideal vacation rental this summer?

Words like 'care-free' and 'corona-free' are not be taken lightly these days.

Skopelos, however, as all Greek islands, have imposed very strict measures throughout the Corona crisis.
The same day that most city dwellers flirted with the idea of fleeing to a Greek island to escape this madness, our Mayors pulled a 'Royal Flush'

This 'Royal Flush' ensured that nobody could freely hop onto the next ferry boat and dock wherever they pleased.

Only Permanent Residents could travel back to their homes. The surprising factor of these measures was by far the speed of the Greek bureaucracy.

This time, it reacted within hours. They published a special platform where the public could download this 'Proof of Permanent Residence'.

That's how I was able to travel back to Skopelos from Athens. They were checks everywhere. Bus terminals, train stations and ports were full of government officials. Port police checked all passengers before they stepped foot on the boats. I saw people turned away because of the wrong types of papers or no proof of permanent residence.

These specific measures took effect more than 1 1/2 months ago.

They're still in effect today and will remain the same until further notice. The government is planning on relaxing this protocol from mid-June onwards.

So if you're:

1. Fit and Healthy,

2. If you can't recall when you last had any flu symptoms,

3. If you feel strong as a boar,

4. If you're day dreaming about basking in the sun on a gorgeous beach somewhere, or practising even more Social D-i-s-t-a-n-c-i-n-g while doing so,

5. If you want to lay under an even clearer, fully-lit, night sky and explore the heavens,

6. If you're desperate for some psychological freedom and a heavy dose of fresh, clean air, then by all means,

Join us this summer in Skopelos Country Villas for some Quality time home Away from home.

We're all leaving in uncertain times. Making definite plans has never been harder.

For this reason, we have updated our Booking Policies and are now offering some of the most relaxed Payment terms you will ever find!


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