Delfi mountain-the scenic route of Skopelos

This is definitely one route that you just have to drive through. If you are staying at Skopelos Country Villas you are in for a treat. Delfi mountain-the scenic route of Skopelos is not only the quickest route to the west coast of Skopelos. It is also the prettiest as well. As you start the descent towards Elios Village, the panoramic views of the Aegean will just mesmerise you. You will need to stop a few times, step of your car and just take in the scenery. You can see most of the beaches of the west side, (Panormos beach, Milia, Kastani, Elios). This aerial view feels like you were hovering and paragliding down the slopes of Delfi mountain.

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How to drive through Mt.Delfi scenic route in Skopelos

Following this scenic route of Mount Delfi is easy due to the location of Skopelos Country Villas. You will need to take a right from the premises main gate and follow the new, main road. You will be driving in an upward direction until you reach a big, three way crossroad point, (approx.1,8 Km from premises). Just follow signs towards "Elios" village, the middle road that carries on upwards.Just shortly after, you will see a small, typically Greek, country side chapel on your right. This is one of the chapels dedicated to the patron Saint of Skopelos, "Agios Riginos". At this point, the road starts descending. Stay on the this main road, until you eventually come to a turning point for the main, coastal road and the sleepy village of Elios.

So What is this place?

No matter how many times I have driven this route, I never grow tired of it. Right after the small Chapel above, there is a beautiful meadow that is usually a herding and gathering ground for many Skopelitian Goats. If you happen to pass by there in the middle of the day, and while the goats are away and busy grazing, it is worth stepping out of your car and walking across this meadow to a tree opening at the end. Here you will snap some of your most panoramic pictures of the west coast of Skopelos, Evia across, Skiathos and mainland Greece. After this point, many vista viewpoints unfold beneath you. You will surely see quite a few places on the road where you really need to park the car and take in the Green and Blue landscape around you. This is also the shortest way to reach most of the beaches of the island from Skopelos Country Villas.

This beautiful road is also one of the main routes you'll be following in The Perfect 7 Day Itinerary For Skopelos Island.

Pictures of Mt. Delfi Scenic route

Map of Mt. Delfi Scenic route

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