sky watching at skopelos country villas

Sky watching at Skopelos Country Villas

[I]magine being in a place where you gaze up at the night sky and you can see billions of stars looking back at you. Imagine being able to differentiate galaxies, the "Milky Way", the small and "Big Dipper" and millions of other star systems with just a single glance. Sky watching at Skopelos country villas is more than ideal.

Star constellations-Skopelos country villasThere is literally 'ZERO' light pollution. Perfect for sky watching.

Stop wondering about the secrets of the universe and what lies beyond, millions of light years away.

How the stars could look like through a telescope.

Why not download one of the useful guide to the stars here before you begin your star journey. Alternatively, you can use one of our books at the premises.

 In our premises you will have the opportunity to use a telescope and let your mind wonder for hours in the "Dark side of the Moon".