Mountain biking around Skopelos country villas

Mountain Biking around Skopelos and the area of Karya

[T]here is a variety of roads, trails, treks that are ideal for mountain biking around Skopelos and the area of Karya of course, (the area of Skopelos Country Villas). Some are for experienced mountain bikers while others for the leisurely biker. It is a joy to mountain bike around Karya area. You can ride your bike starting from our premises. The road just outside Skopelos Country Villas is a brand new, asphalted road and within a 300 meter distance, you can trail off to an unpaved trail that can take you to the hills across from our villas.

Further up from our villas, (approx. 1,5 km), you will see the cross roads that lead either to the West side of Skopelos or towards the Sendoukia tombs. This another thrilling, unpaved route that you can take.

mountain biking around skopelos and skopelos country villas

You can go past the Sendoukia sign, where the road starts gently going downhill and bike away while admiring the beauty of nature around you. For the more daring and fit bikers, we also recommend following the East side trails of Skopelos with equally stunning bike treks and views.

No matter how experienced you may be with the exciting sport of Mountain Biking, just let us know if you would like to rent a bike and we can help arrange that. There is a Bike shop in Skopelos town and its passionate owner has some really good Mountain, Trekking and City bikes that will tailor your needs. There, you will also find all necessary gear, (helmets, etc.), for your safety.