Travelling to Skopelos

   You can reach Skopelos by different means of transport, (ferry boats, high-speed catamarans, or domestic flights). Schedules can greatly vary, depending on the time of year. Ferry companies publish their summer schedules usually in spring. If you have already booked your accommodation in Skopelos Country Villas during the winter, do not rush in trying to pre book your tickets. The chances are that you will have missed a more interesting ferry ride.

Boats become more frequent between the mainland and the islands during the summer. This usually means that your waiting time at the neighboring island can become shorter.
During the mid and high season especially, (from beginning of July to end of August), travelling to Skopelos is easier. There are ferry connections from Volos, Agios Konstantinos port, Thessaloniki, and Mantoudi, (in Evia). You can see the map on this page and see all the ports that connect with Skopelos. 

  • If you are travelling to Skopelos and need help with planes, we have some suggestions.
  • If you need some help in sorting out Ferry schedules and other info, we have listed out the most important sites for your convenience.
  • If you are travelling on the mainland first, and need some advice with Buses, routes and schedules, we can also point you to the right direction

Reaching Skopelos

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