Skopelos car rental

Running a family business ourselves, we prefer to use local businesses ran by other families. They provide a great, personalised Car Rental service in Skopelos. All of our guests in the past have used this Skopelos car rental business.They deliver outstanding and reliable 24 hour service and your car will be at the port upon your arrival, with no added fees. If you happen to arrive at a different port, just let us know in advance. You can sign the Rental agreement and pay for your car at that port rather than visiting their office. This way you will be ready to drive off to Skopelos Country Villas within minutes from your arrival

Please use the form below to indicate your preferences and you will receive a reply within the next 24 hours.

Driver's License requirements

Driver's must be over 21 years of age, (see below for further info on age restriction)

Driver's must hold a valid Driver's Licenser for over 12 months

Licenses obtained outside the EU, must be accompanied by a valid 'International Driver's Permit', (click here for US Citizens).

An IDP must be accompanied with a valid Driver's License

Age Restrictions for Car rentals

Minimum age for Car rental in Greece is 25 years of age.

Exception to above rule is for Economy Cars, (Groups A, B or C), that can be rented with a minimum age of 21 years

  • skopelos car rental - Skopelos Country Villas
    Suzuki Swift - Group C

  • Skopelos car rental - Magic Cars - Skopelos Country Villas
    Suzuki Jimny - Group D

  • skopelos car rental-Fiat Panda - Skopelos Country Villas
    Fiat Panda - Group B

  • Skopelos car rental - Skopelos Country Villas
    Citroen C3 - Group D1