Its that perfect Blue of the Aegean Sea

the perfect blue of Aegean- skopelos

It is that perfect Blue of the Aegean Sea.

The kind of Blue that you encounter nowhere else! Greece has this unique light that cannot be replicated. Although it is only March, the sun is shinning. The sea is a perfect mirror reflection of the the blue sky. The Green mountains that surround it. 

The only disturbances on the water are the few small boats that happen to crisscross it at a leisurely pace. The calmness of the sea make them seem like toys in a bathtub. 

There are a lot of spots on Skopelos where you can get this breathtaking view. At Skopelos Country Villas all you have to do is just step out to the terraces to enjoy it at its full glory. This particular picture is taken at the top of Skopelos town.

A favourite spot for me where I go out to gaze at the endless sea and let this beauty speak to me. When you arrive at the premises, I can point all my favourite places. Places like this look out spot in Skopelos town. Different areas of Skopelos country where you just have to step out of your car and take it all in. 

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