The joys of being a President-B.Obama and his visit to Athens

The joys of being a President-B.Obama and his visit to Athens

Hail to Democracy

Just last week we had the honour of welcoming current President of the United States, Barack Obama. This was a meaningful trip for Greece as well as for the President. It is often behind the scenes that the joys of being a President unveil. Barack Obama and his trip to Athens, held many beneficial surprises. This was actually a tour, that would continue to northern Europe for Barack Obama after he visited Athens, Greece.

The joys of being a President-B.Obama and his visit to Athens
Part of the Parthenon - The Erechthion with the Caryatids, the temple's signature feature. Click on the image for the full history of this iconic temple.

One can safely say  however, that it was the 'last trip to the Cradle of Civilisation'.

The timing of this trip of the President to Greece could not be better either. Though many argue to the contrary, I tend to somewhat disagree. Yes, Barack Obama could have made an effort to visit Greece much earlier during his term as President. However, would that have made any difference? I seriously doubt it somehow. The fact that he did visit, even 2 months short of ending his Presidency, has multiple meanings.

I am no political analyst, nor will I try to be one here, in our News Blog for Skopelos Country Villas. But, just to touch on few of these meanings, it can easily be seen that:

President Obama visited Greece just before, yet another tough, economic negotiation with Europe, and the IMF's, ECB's of this world. During this visit, he openly expressed his opinion that there is not much point on bringing more austerity measures to Greece. Growth is the way forward from this point on. Whether his voice will be echoed to northern Europe, is another matter. The fact is though, that he shared his views of the situation to the public. He could have also kept them for himself. 

His desire to visit Greece, and walk on the path of our ancestors, where much of today's Western Civilisation was born, signifies the importance of remembering some of today's values. It sends a powerful meaning across the globe, that these values were not always present. We should not take them for granted and arrogantly make them our own. To tailor these values and suit them to our needs. So that we can achieve dominance over others. Create economic sacrilege against human rights that took centuries to establish.

These meanings behind the scenes of President Obama's visit, could go on endlessly. Instead however, I'll present you with some of my favourite quotes of his:

One of the great joys of being the president is the ability to travel and see different cultures and meet different people. That’s important for our national security but it’s also important for us to understand ourselves and our place in the world.”

Barack Obama - President of United States

We’ve got the Parthenon behind us, part of the Acropolis. It is here in Athens that so many of our ideas about democracy, our notions of citizenship, our notions of rule of law, began to develop.

Barack Obama - President of United States

And so when you visit a site like this not only are you getting a better understanding of Greece and Western culture, but you’re also sending a signal of the continuity that exists between what happened here, the speeches of Pericles, and what happened with our Founding Fathers.

Barack Obama - President of United States

And it’s a very important role for the President of the United States to send a signal to the world that their culture, their traditions, their heritage, their monuments, are something of value, and are precious, and that we have learned from them. Because what that does then is send a strong signal around the world that we view ourselves as part of a broader humanity and a community of nations that can work together to solve problems and lift up what’s best in humanity.

Barack Obama - President of United States

It will really be well worth your time to visit Athens on your way to Skopelos. To spend at least 2 days there, visiting the Parthenon, and spending at least a couple of hours in the glorious new Acropolis Museum of Athens.

It will most definitely give you a new perspective on life

There is something magical that happens inside of us when we step on the footsteps of our ancestors. When we re-establish the roots within us. We can sometimes easily neglect the process of remembering what is important in life. How privileged we are to have everything that we do in our lives when others don't. Yet, we forget, we get greedy as nations. Some more than others, which almost always has dire consequences for the rest. 

For this reason alone, President Obama's trip to Athens, was perfect and helped to remember a lot of these values. It was a great wake up call for much of the Western world. 

Go ahead, visit Athens!

Walk on the footsteps of our Founding Fathers. 

We can help this happen. Give you some insider's knowledge of where to stay while there, where to go and what to see!

Enjoy the video of President Barack Obama in the Parthenon and his commentary that accompanies it.

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