Have you ever seen a more beautiful double rainbow?

beautiful double rainbow

It is not often one stumbles across such wonders of nature.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful double rainbow than this? We’ve had a mild and unusually warm November this year. In fact the temperature here in Skopelos Island, has not dropped below 18-20 degrees celsius. Mostly sunny days, great even for a swim at the sea.

This early afternoon however, doom and gloom appeared across the skies. It threatened with heavy downpour, but ended up just with a light drizzle. What was the bid deal again with all Weather forecasts threatening for huge storms and 9 Beaufort scale winds?

It was getting a little dark in my house, so I decided to give up on whatever I was doing. Time to go out for a walk around my favourite places in the neighborhood. Gaze out to the open Aegean Sea before nightΒ falls. I drew the curtain open to check on the drizzling situation and stepped out on to the terrace momentarily. My eyes were immediately drawn towards Mount Palouki and the beautiful light that was emanating from the top. Before I had the time to take in the difference of the sun hitting the mountain top and the surrounding gloomy sky, I was completely taken aback!

Hollywood special effects

Was I actually seeing this? Did some Hollywood Special Effects company visited Skopelos to shoot another movie? These were my first thoughts when I realised that I was witnessing the biggest, most color intense double rainbow. I switched on the camera mode in my mobile, just to capture this first shot. Save in the this scene in my ‘hard drive’ as well as my phone’s in case it disappeared within the next 15 seconds.

15 seconds! This is how long it took me to run down the stairs, at the back alley of my house, the last 10 Kastro steps and to the top. As soon as I reached ‘Anatoli’, (for those who are not familiar with this place, a future post will enlighten you), my jaw dropped. Literally it was magic. The span of this rainbow started from the top of the mountain, crossed the entire town, and reached towards the north and dropped into the sea.

You have to realise that from the second I first saw it in my house, to the time I ran to the top of Skopelos Kastro it was just seconds. I have not had the time to even think about grabbing my professional photo gear or even my hand-held camera. I snapped these pictures without thinking much in fear of loosing the scene. Not much thought has gone into composition. Just enough framing for you to ‘get the picture’. These snaps can not do any justice to the true colours and atmosphere. The experience of actually being under this double rainbow.

I needed to also absorb it myself, without looking through the lens. Taking it all in, because I have never seen, nor am I certain that I will ever witness such beautiful rainbow again.


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